Flower child with a rock and roll heart...
Time to live, time to lie,
Time to laugh, time to die,
Take it easy baby, take it as it comes.

Klara, 16, Slovenia

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Person: I’m a woman and I don’t need feminism
What she’s actually saying:
My life is perfectly okay and I don’t really care what other women go through
I think feminists are just whiny and can’t take jokes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes
I believe that people are just obsessed with political correctness
I am blind to the fact that there are still problems faced by women
I have forgotten that feminism gave women rights such as the right to vote
I have no idea that feminism is an egalitarian movement that fights for everyone’s rights regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, nationality, and ethnicity but mostly focuses on women’s rights.
I am more concerned about semantics rather than human rights
I can’t distinguish between real feminists and shitty people who call themselves feminists
I still believe in the false notion that feminism is about hating men
I actually don’t understand what feminism is
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design for the year of anton van dyck, a.f. vandevorst, antwerp, 1999
katharina prospekt: the russians by a.f. vandevorst